Explained- 5 Easy Ways of Getting A Website

Dec 21, 2017
Riya Gaur

Explained- 5 Easy Ways of Getting A Website

Note from Author: Starting off with a website could be one of the best ways of spreading a word about your services, products or just to make information available to the readers. If you too have any plan of paving your way to the web world, there are few things that you must know before jumping into Internet stuff. Rather than believing anyone not into the profession of website design and development, let’s hear out from the expert’s themselves- Inflexi Technologies, that what spices infuse colours and flavours in your website that would suit to the taste of large number of audience.

Inflexi Technologies today share the most important steps that you should follow for getting a perfect website. Inflexi Technologies is not a company but a team of experts who know in and out of website development for all platforms and frameworks.

The stage is all yours Inflexi!

1.Picking up a Domain Name

The first step towards getting a website is to register a domain name. GoDaddy, ResellerClub, HostGator are few most famous names that help you in getting your name registered. If some catchy name strikes you, then it is advisable to register it without any delay because it may not be available later on.

Author Note: While picking up a domain name try to keep it short and simple so that people can easily remember your name and suits your business as well. A complicated name is difficult to remember.

2.Choosing the Hosting      

Next step is to get hosting. While many domain sellers also offer hosting, it is not a preferred idea. It is better to choose options other than domain sellers.

Author Note: GoDaddy is one such example. Many find it restricted when it comes to hosting but at the same time it is a great domain seller.

3.Picking Up the Right Platform

After hosting, it is time to pick the right platform for your website as per your venture. If you are looking forward to opening a web store, you can think of BigCommerce, OpenCart, and Shopify. Wordpress is one of the best platforms to get started with basic website, where a bit of eCommerce can also be integrated with CMS’s like Joomla and Drupal. Picking up a platform completely depends upon the choice and requirements of the website owner.

Author Note: If you are planning for something big, make sure that the platform chosen by you fits in and offers all the features and functionalities you would like to have on your website. Inflexi Technologies can suggest the best platform as per your requirement and can work on that platform, providing you the ease of getting launched over the web.

4.Creating a Blueprint of Functionality and Features of Your Website

So now you have the foundation. To get started with your website’s development further, you must have a vision and an idea of what features and functionalities you would like to have on your website. Creating a blueprint of website’s functionality and features would make you aware of the things you can encounter down the line. Some of the features are indispensable like responsiveness, cross-browser compatibility, high quality images and designs etc. Other features depend upon the type of website you are about to have, like an eCommerce website, or simply a service providing or informative website.

Author Note: Now this is a genuine piece of advice from a professionals and experts. A blueprint is like a business idea or model that keeps you driving in the right direction and does not lets you budge from the real goal.

5.Moving from plan to live website

Plans need to be executed in the right manner to attain success. Creating a blueprint is just the baby step, which is crucial to take giant leaps. The designing and development procedures are the spines of your website. There is no scope of committing any mistake and thus you must get your website designed and developed by professionals, if you are not that much technically sound. Any discrepancy on a live website is not at all desirable.

Author Note: Website development is the most important part. It is better to rely on professionals who can handle customization, integration of third-party plug-ins, and any technical barrier. There is not just one thing but a number of highly complex tasks involved in creating a website; who else can know the job better than Inflexi Technologies.   

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